Engineering Statics


For the frame and loading shown, determine the components of all forces abting on member GBEH.

The reactions are usually found first.
The vertical force equation finds the vertical reaction at A.
The moment equation get the reaction at the roller at D.
The force equation in the x-direction yields the value 
for A<xsub>x</sub>.
Next the FBD at point Aand geometricala reationships are 
given for member AG.
The moment eqaution about point B is written for member ABC.
The force in AG is hence found.
The force components in the x direction for AC is found.
The FBD is drawn of member GBEH.
The FBD is drawn of member DEF.
The moment equation yields a 0 reaction at D.

A FBD is drawn of GBEH showing all force found so far.

All forces are shown on GBEH.